WSA Legislative Agenda 2020-21

Join our undergraduate, graduate, and professional student efforts to increase access, affordability, and diversity to public higher education in Washington State.

Protect the Washington College Grant

The Washington College Grant provides hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians access to higher education. We urge our representatives to continue their commitment to Washington's students. 

Student Reproductive Health 

Student health insurance do not adequately cover reproductive health. We urge our representatives to support HB 2252 (2020.)

Regulating Tuition for Graduate & Professional Students

Unlike their undergraduate colleagues,  graduate and professional student tuition is not regulated. We urge our representatives to cap all tuition at 2.4%. 

Working Child Connections Care 

As people start to return to work, we foresee an increased need for child care, especially for students. We ask the state legislature to lower the working requirement to 19.5 hrs/week, or allow undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to substitute some of the working hour requirement for learning hours.

Graduate & Professional Student Representation

Washington has over 20,000 graduate & professional students, yet there is no designated place for them on the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC.) We believe that graduate & professional students deserve a seat at the table!

Increasing WAFSA Grants

We are all facing unprecedented time - with our own unique financial hardships. Our colleagues without documentation are undoubtedly disadvantaged in these time, especially since they did not qualify for federal stimulus money, nor do they qualify for the FAFSA or many other grants/scholarships. We urge our representatives to increase WASFA funding. 

Financial Support for Graduate & Professional Students  

Washington's graduate and professional students are not eligible for state or federal student financial aid. Our graduate and professional students are a great economic, and we must support them.